Friday, January 19, 2007

Daily Logs - Day #005

LIMIT: 200

Day 5 and my limit for today is 200 calories, max. I don't know how I'm gonna achieve that... ugh!!

By the way, I ate last night -- a small portion of steamed fish. Shouldn't be a lot of calories I think.


1) I got up today at 7AM.

2) It's now 8:22AM and I'm having BRUNCH. Yep. Breakfast and Lunch combined. I'm gonna skip a meal later.

What am I having?

Bean sprouts. Stir-fried in olive oil with a dash of salt and pepper.

I have NO idea how many calories there are on that thing (3 tablespoons) but I have a feeling it's a lot.

I'm going to the doctors later this afternoon so I think I'll ask for a sleeping pill prescription. Maybe... just maybe, popping just 1 pill will you know, take the hunger away.



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