Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The 24-inch Prada cinched belt

A few years ago, my waist fluctuated anywhere between 21 - 23 inches. I used to be able to wrap my waist with my 2 hands. In fact, 24 inches was my fattest -- I only reached 24 after a huge meal.

Prada made this grommeted belt a few years ago. It's a size 24 (60) -- perfect for super thin people (like me before, I don't know if you can say the same now) and you wear it high... perfect to cinch that small, tiny waist.

I wore the belt again earlier today, out of curiosity, and here's the result.

Oxygen deprivation at its finest. Look at all the flab and the flesh! I can't even wear it for more than a minute. It's a miracle how I managed to fit into that thing -- take note how I closed it on the last hole! I'm officially fat.

If you were me... don't you just want to cry?

In any case, I'm officially on DAY 3 of my 2468 diet. 600 calories today --- I should be able to eat a lot! Hahaha! It's around 5AM now, I'll sleep and before you know it... I've skipped breakfast!!! Woohoo!!!


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