Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Daily Logs - Day #002 ( Afternoon Update)

I skipped lunch.

Oh yes.

I had 2 cups of coffee + 1 cup of green tea instead. That was 2 hours ago.


Our maid handed me a small platter with a piece of toasted bread an hour ago.

One slice of toasted white bread with a little bit (just a little bit) of butter on top, sprinkled with a quarter of a teaspoon's worth of sugar -- just the way I liked it.

When I was 5.


Me: "what's that?"

Aissa: "your mom told me to send this to you."

Me: "can't you see I'm on a diet?"

Aissa: "yeah but you have to eat this or else your mom will get mad at me."


Then she left.

I stared at the thing for 5 minutes thinking I should just throw it away. Then I thought about the starving people and it's not really right to waste food.

What the heck. It's only a piece of bread.

Chomp. chew. swallow. Go to Calorie Count and voila.



FUCKING HELL!!!!!!!!!!!

What about the butter and sugar?

Fuck it. I'm not gonna look it up.

I'd rather cover myself in honey and go to a bee farm.

I have a feeling my 400 calories is up. Fuck that bowl of oatmeal for dinner. I'll have 2 cups of coffee (again) and 1 glass of ice cold water later. Hopefully that should keep me away from eating. I'll also try jogging for an hour and/or walk the dog tonight. I'm in desperate need to burn calories. Tomorrow is another fattie day and I want to be able to pat myself at the back and sleep tonight knowing my body burned something disgusting.

Burn that disgusting fat away.

I really hate how it has come to this but desperate times need desperate measures. I need to lose weight.

No matter how you look at it, fat is filthy.

Keep THAT in mind.


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